Romani Protejati

Do you speak Romanian and you are gay, bisexual and/or transgender?

Vorbesti romaneste? Esti gay, bisexual sau transsexual?

Want support staying safe whilst having the sex you want?

Vrei sa fii protejat si sa ai o viata sexuala activa?

Free, friendly, confidential groups in Romanian.

Intalniri gratis, prietenoase si confidentiale in limba romana.

Romani Protejati este un program nou, inovativ si incitant dezvoltat de Metro Charity pentru romanii gay din Londra.

For registration as a volunteer please contact / pentru a te inregistra ca si voluntar contacteaza (romana / engleza) (engleza)

Telefon: 02083055000


Lewisham LGBT Forum

Today we had a preliminary meeting for the creation of the new Lewisham LGBT Forum. The next public meeting will be on Tuesday 26th July 2016 from 6pm to 8pm at Catford Civic Suite. We would like all members of the community who are interested in future events, issues they need to feed back to organisations, ideas on campaigning, discussions that they feel need to be raised etc to come along. 

The aims of the Lewisham LGBT Forum is to be able to come together to plan activities around LGBT issues, provide a forum for residents to talk directly with statutory services and for collaboration on joint LGBT initiatives. The forum aims to bring people together who are interested in local LGBT issues so things can be planned in advance, so people can network, raise the profile of LGBT issues in Lewisham, have a coordinated voice on local equalities policy, training, work with statutory organisations etc and to promote LGBT inclusion and community building. 

If you are interested in attending a meeting or being involved but can’t make the next meeting please contact Peter Vittles from The Metro Charity so we can add you to a mailing list! Email

Free self-test HIV kits

After Party are an outreach service for men who have sex with men and who are involved in chemsex. They can offer interventions, advice, guidance and support for those wanting to reduce their risky sexual behaviour and problematic drug use. 

They are offering free self-test HIV kits for Lewisham residents. If you are interested please contact them via their website After Party or their Facebook page